The Apheresis Center

In 2005 the Stefan-Morsch-Stiftung opened its own new adult stem cell collection center in the Schneewiesenstraße in Birkenfeld to collect peripheral stem cells and donor lymphocytes for use in allogeneic transplants. 95% of the collections are carried out for the Stefan-Morsch-Stiftung’s donor registry.
There are currently two cell separators in use. The expansion of the facility is underway.

After the donors receive an extensive medical check and are being cleared for donation, the collection of stem cells via apheresis will be performed under the direction of Dr. Angelika Himmel (specialist in anesthesiology and transfusion medicine).

Naturally we will also perform the collection for other donor registries and facilities upon request. Your contact person is Dr. Himmel, the manager of the department.

Dr. med. Angelika Himmel
Schneewiesenstr. 20
55765 Birkenfeld

Phone: +49-6782-993336
Fax: +49-6782-993338