Questions & answers
Can I withdraw my consent for donation?

The decision to donate is voluntary and donors may withdraw at any time. Potential volunteers should keep in mind though that there is a point in the process when the withdrawal might be fatal for the patient. One part of the preparing the patient for transplant is the destruction of the patient’s bone marrow and the patient will die without new healthy stem cells.

I was asked to cover the costs of my tissue-typing. Why?

The costs that arise for the registration and HLA-typing of a single potential stem cell donor are approximately 50 €. Our health care system doesn’t cover these costs. We need both, volunteer donors for the tissue typing and financial support to add more donors to the registry.

The probability to find a compatible stem cell donor for a patient varies between 1 : 10.000 and 1 : 1.000.000 and depends on the patient’s tissue type.