How to become a donor

You are eligible to join the registry if you are between 18 and 50 years of age and in good health. The upper age limit for the stem cell donation is 60 years.

The same eligibility guidelines that apply to the blood donations also apply to the registration of stem cell donors. Potential donors must not suffer from and shouldn’t have problems with: obesity, severe diseases of the heart, the lung, the liver, the blood or any other organ, as well as metabolic disorders and autoimmune disorders or cancer. Also, potential donors must not be infected with diseases like malaria, hepatitis, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV.

To join the registry you must first sign a consent form.

The HLA-typing
We will only need 10 ml of your blood to determine your HLA-typing (Human Leucocyte Antigen). This tissue typing is the information that is used to find the best matched donor for a patient. A sample of your blood will be stored for more detailed testing at a later point. Partial tests may also be performed from samples gained with buccal swabs.
Your personal data and your HLA-typing will be saved in the confidential files. To protect your our data will be saved with a coded ID number.
Your HLA-type and the coded ID number will be forwarded to the national registry (ZKRD), for faster matching with patients. No personal information is included.

National hub
If you already registered with another registry there is no need to sign up again because the coded data of all the donors registered in the different German registries is collected in the German national registry (ZKRD), which coordinates all the national and international donor searches and serves as a hub. It is not possible to register just for one specific person.