Donor Registration

Every single tissue typing generates expenses. The registration of a new donor costs the registry 50 €. Our health care system doesn’t cover these costs that arise in the recruitment of new donors and we are relying on donations.

Your contribution would help in growing the registry or providing assistance to help patients in need. You can become a sponsor for one or several new potential donors. With 50 € per HLA-Typing/Registration you become the sponsor for a new volunteer donor that wants to be registered in our database and who might save a life!

If you cares to donate all or part of that typing costs, the donation is acknowledged for tax purposes as allowed under German law.

Please use one of the following bank accounts for donation: Bank account for Donations:

Sparkasse - Logo
Kreissparkasse Birkenfeld
Account no.: 22 22 24
Bank code: 562 500 30

International Banking
IBAN: DE 76 56 25 00 30 00 00 22 22 24

Deutsche Bank - Logo
Deutsche Bank Frankfurt
Account no.: 094 66 65 00
Bank code: 500 700 24

Voksbank - Logo
Volksbank Hunsrück-Nahe eG
Account no.: 4735426
Bank code: 560 614 72

Sparkasse - Logo
Bank account Search Center
Kreissparkasse Birkenfeld Germany
Account no.: 69000
Bank code: 562 500 30

International Banking
IBAN: DE 74 5625 0030 0000 0690 00

You are eligible to join the registry if you are between 18 and 50 years of age and in good health. You will find more detailed information about the donation by clicking here.

We only need 10 ml of your blood to determine your tissue-type (1 tube).

How do I register?
You can attend a Stefan-Morsch-Stiftung donor drive near you.

You can also complete the online consent form. We will send you a kit for the sample collection. Please see your physician for collection and return the blood sample to us.

Please also consider a financial contribution when you join the registry.