All about bone marrow

What is bone marrow?
Bone marrow is the flexible tissue found in the hollow cavities of the body's large bones. The bone marrow is responsible for the production of blood cells that play important roles in our organism: infection defense, oxygen transport, hemostasis, ...

How to donate stem cells
from the bone marrow (BM)
The collection of the stem cells from the bone marrow is a surgical procedure that takes place at a hospital and is being performed under general anesthesia and an inpatient stay is necessary. Special hollow sterile needles are used to withdraw approximately 800 – 1500 ml liquid marrow from the large crest of the donor’s pelvic bone. The marrow replaces itself completely within a few weeks.

After a total of three days of admission to the hospital the donor can leave the hospital. Although anesthesia is considered safe, it should be mentioned that no anesthesia is risk-free. A possible side effect of the collection process may be some pain in their lower back following the donation.